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TAO Totem - What are these meditation tools?

The TAO Totem, one of the best meditation tools for successful meditation, focusing and relaxation, has been around for more than 15 years. It was designed for the express purpose of adding one more option to your arsenal of meditation tools to help you succeed in accomplishing your inner goals.

The TAO Totem is made of layers of wood, lathed to a set of curves that fit inside your fingers with a slide for the thumb that naturally encourages stroking. The color varies with each TAO Totem, but the feel is always soothing, silky and calming.

Because you can carry this meditation tool in your pocket or purse, whenever you feel stress or tension, you are able to simply touch the TAO Totem and immediately begin to relax, focusing your attention on your positive inner goals and dreams or simply just begin to the reduce stress of the situation.

Remarkable way of focusing on your inner goals

Use the beautiful TAO Totem to focus on your inner goals. When you meditate using the TAO Totem with the simple and dynamic three-step method of relax, focus, and succeed that is explained throughout this website, you can discover your full potential and put it to work for you. And, no two Tao Totems are exactly alike. But each one of these meditation tools is pleasing to the eye, soothing to the hand and easily provides a means of focusing whenever or wherever you are.

Your TAO Totem is a tangible, unique, and amazingly beautiful focusing tool. It can help bring out the magic that is within you. Words that are spoken or read soon drift away, but your TAO Totem is physical reminder of your intentions. As you practice with this beautiful meditation tool, you begin to associate your continual goals with its touch and feel: habit control becomes easier to achieve; relaxtion is quickly and easily available no matter the situation; meditation is deeper and more fulfilling than ever before.

healing, stop smoking, habit control, self help, weight loss

meditate, totem, focusing, relax, relaxation

healing, stop smoking, habit control, self help, weight loss

Use your TAO Totem to increase relaxation and focusing and habit control.