TAO Totem helps with Habit Control

Habits are simply the repeated behavior patterns to which our brain becomes accustomed. This means that a habit can be either positive or negative. Habit control becomes necessary when the negative habits begin to affect our level of success in life.

When the negative habits cause us problems, we get emotionally, physically and mentally attached to these behavior patterns and begin to feel helpless in our inability to change negative or destructive habits. The TAO Totem will give us the means of gaining habit control through relaxation and focusing.

It is said that if you do something consistently for 21 days, you will have created a new habit. However, 21 days can seem an eternity when we so easily fall back to those patterns that put us into our comfort zone. And no amount of desire or willpower will bring us a change of habit until we have arrived at the decision that we are ready for change.

As stated, the first step to any accomplishment or achievement is a decision. You can say over and over and over that you want to stop smoking or lose weight or stop nailbiting. But until you actually make the decision that you now ready to stop smoking or lose weight or stop nailbiting, you will feel helpless to stop the habit.

By using the Basic Relaxation Technique and the Basic Meditation Technique, you will find that your TAO Totem is one of the best meditation tools available to help you maintain focus on your decision for that important 21-day habit creation period.

Now you will make the changes in your life that will bring you greater and deeper happiness.

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Basic Relaxation

Basic Meditation

Habit control through relaxation tchniques and focusing are easier with the TAO Totem.