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People have been using meditation tools and techniques for years to tap into their deeper self where creativity stirs. Through meditation a person can not only find more creative solutions to their daily problems, but steer their lives in defined directions to accomplish their chosen goals.

Manifestation of anything begins with a thought. Thoughts become words. Finally manifestation is physically evident as created reality. By learning to direct our thoughts through meditation techniques, we begin the manifestation process and create successfully our dreams and visions.

A good meditation technique to start with is the Basic Meditation Technique. You can sit on the floor or in a chair. If you can easily sit in a cross-legged position without straining, do so. Or you can sit against a wall for support with the legs either crossed or stretched out in front of you.

You will only be successful if you start relaxed. If you choose to sit on the floor for your meditation, you may want to begin by lying on the floor and doing the Basic Relaxation Technique first. When you are relaxed completely, gently sit up and continue with the following technique.

Hold your TAO Totem in your hand, gently stroking the surface curve as you begin to associate the resulting feelings of your meditation with the TAO Totem. As you continue to practice the Basic Meditation Technique, you will begin to see your life open up to new opportunities and ideas as you reach deeper and deeper into your awareness of self.

One of the great joys of creative thinking is when an answer comes all of a sudden, like a bolt of lightning. Such sudden answers are the result of your mind working deeper. Once you have experienced this, you will know the great pleasure of expanded consciousness and creativity.

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Basic Relaxation

Basic Meditation

Meditation and relaxation are easy with the TAO Totem.