Basic Meditation Technique

In every technique offered here, you will use the TAO Totem cradled in your hand so the unconscious connection to these positive feelings will be established. Do not rush or have unrealistic expectations of fast results. It takes time to train your mind to exercise basic control of your thoughts before you can direct it toward specific intentions.

Level 1:

This first stage of meditation is actually a technique in concentration. Once relaxed, focus on your breath for a few minutes. After you find yourself completely relaxed and at ease, focus on the sounds around you. Try not to form thoughts about the sounds but rather just listen and let your mind flow around and through the sounds without clarification or judgment.

Do this exercise for 15 - 20 minutes at a time, releasing your attention to the sounds and focusing on your breath as you begin to be more aware of your body. Repeat this exercise until you can easily follow known sounds, expected sounds and unexpected sounds with the same calm, focused attention. You might start with a favorite, calming piece of music. Next, once you have mastered the known sound concentration technique, you might focus on a classical piece of music you are not too familiar with. Finally, follow this with unusual sounds, like Whale Songs, or Songs of the Wolves. When you are able to follow sounds regardless of the souce, you are ready for Step 2.

Level 2:

The second level in improving your meditation technique focuses on your imagination and visualization abilities. After going through the relaxation process and placing yourself in a comfortable position, focus on your breath for a few minutes until you are completely relaxed and centered.

You are now going to create a scene in your mind of your favorite place. This favorite place may exist in reality or only in your mind. Take the time to carefully build a detailed image of this place where you can feel the air, hear the sounds, and be aware of the smells surrounding you as you place yourself in the center of this favorite place.

Spend time in this place over and over in meditation until you can quickly and clearly call upon this imagery whenever you want. Along with the image will come all the feelings of well-being, joy, peace and happiness that associate to your favorite place.

Level 3:

The third level of meditation skill development focuses on a structured thought such as a favorite saying or aphorism. There are many to choose from. Use one that generates exploratory thought processes for you and follow these thoughts to imagery and feelings until you know that you have absorbed the meaning of this aphorism thoroughly. What will surprise you is the depth and breadth of understanding an even simple saying can produce in you.

Using these techniques will open you to a world of thought management, directional focus and a deeper understanding of self and acceptance of others. By holding the Totem in your hand as you develop your focus and concentration skills, you will begin to unconsciously associate these peaceful and relaxed feelings with the touch of your Totem. Then when you are faced with a stressful situation, you can call up these feelings by simply holding the Tao Totem in your hand. Carry it in your pocket and it's always available when you need it.