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About Us

The TAO Totem is offered by TAO Consultants, Inc. a company originating in 1982 for the purpose of helping businesses grow in their computer needs. This business expanded from computer consulting, accounting systems and training into web design as well, still with the purpose of helping businesses promote and expand successfully.

While at first the TAO Totem seems a little at odds with the goal of TAO Consultants, in fact, the purpose of the TAO Totem as one of the best meditation tools available is to help people help themselves. Although the purpose of TAO Consultants is to help businesses help themselves, when people can control their habits, find success with a meditation tool that allows them to relax, focusing on their goals, we are enabling employers to help their employees feel competent and work efficiently and effectively with these relaxation techniques.

People and businesses are really two sides of the same coin. If your employees are productive, relaxed, focused and free of negative habits, the business prospers. If the business prospers, the individual associated with the business meets their personal as well as their professional goals.

So, our goal is still to help others help themselves by providing them with tools to overcome obstaces to success with relaxation, focusing, and behavior that spells success.

A meditation tool that helps you with relaxation and habit control.