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Meditation tools for focusing, habit control and self help

Meditation techniques that teach you to relax and release stress are enhanced with meditation tools. Learning to meditate requires on-going attention to breath, mental focus and techniques of relaxation. The meditation tools offered at TAO Totem will develop your meditation skills quickly and easily through positive association.

If you have had difficulty learning to meditate or cannot release tension and stress during the work day or at times when meditation is not appropriate, the TAO Totem will provide you the meditative association any time.

TAO Totem

  • As one of the best meditation tools, the silken wood TAO Totem has a unique beauty and is a pleasure to look at and hold

  • The TAO Totem fits the thumb and hand like an expanded worry stone and will soothe your tension, ease your stress, help your focus

  • Meditation tools that fit perfectly in your hand give you a means to meditate and relax completely anywhere

  • Use this meditation tool to focus successfully on your goals, meditate to achieve your dreams, focusing more easily and clearly

  • The TAO Totem is a self-help tool that assists with habit control, relaxation and healing, helping you to stop smoking, lose weight, sleep better

  • It's called the TAO Totem and as a meditation tool, there is none better!

Meditation tools - TAO TotemMeditation tools - TAO TotemMeditation tools - TAO Totem

Free Downloads:

Basic Meditation Technique

Basic Relaxation Technique - PDF

Basic Relaxation Technique
Guided Meditation - MP3

Breathing Basics - Meditation #1

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Use Guided Meditations along with your TAO Totem for faster results!

Are you frustrated with the results of your meditation efforts?

  • Focused meditation techniques teach you to concentrate and develop your meditation skills

    Like a worry stone for the hand, make meditating easy
  • Guided meditatations on the MP3 Player can be used with the TAO Totem and taken with you anywhere, anytime

  • Distractions and outside noise are blocked using the small, dedicated MP3 Player

  • This quality MP3 Player contains more than 4 hours of pre-loaded meditations with enough room for an additional 28 hours of meditations

  • Create a tactile connection between your learned relaxation and the TAO Totem in your hand

  • Touch the TAO Totem in your pocket anytime you need a calm and quiet mind

  • Used together, your meditation skills develop faster with deeper, more successful results

Learn to Meditate, Relax, Focus and Succeed with the Meditation Warrior Guided Meditation Series

Meditation Warrior
Guided Meditation Series I

The Mind is Like a Frisky Monkey

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on Guided Meditations.

We have the perfect techniques
and exercises that teach you
to meditate the right way!

Using a good meditation tool is a truly remarkable way to tap into the power of your own mind. The TAO Totem feels like a worry stone in your hand and creates a physical/mental focus conjunction. When you use the TAO Totem with a guided meditation, you are focusing with a powerful meditation technique that people have used for years with success. You can relax your body and mind ... anywhere and anytime.

Simply hold the TAO Totem as a meditation tool loosely in either hand and gently stroke the slide with your thumb. Its design (patent pending) makes this a comfortable and peaceful experience of relaxation and focusing. Continue while relaxing all of your muscles, starting at the top of your head and moving gradually down through your jaw, neck, shoulders and eventually to your toes.

As you practice this technique of relaxation, you begin to associate the use of your TAO Totem with an instant, peaceful state of calmness and you learn to focus easily whenever and wherever you want. Soon, you can be totally relaxed and focused in any situation using this technique with the TAO Totem as a meditation tool -- effortlessly finding the best path to creativity, happiness, and success!

Next, add the powerful and directed Meditation Warrior Guided Meditation Series - The Mind is Like a Frisky Monkey and you will quickly acquire the strongest foundation of meditative skills you can develop.

Meditation tools to help with habit control through relaxation and focusing

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